As a voice-over actor and a skilled French/English translator, Julien has collaborated on such diverse projects as E! Entertainment Television specials, Microsoft Windows Mobile web content, and post-production for "Inglourious Basterds" by Quentin Tarantino.

Julien was born and raised in France. He earned a Baccalaureat in Mathematics & Physics and graduated from film school in Paris. He also attended University of Sorbonne Nouvelle, where he obtained a post-graduate degree in Cinema.

After more than seven years as an Assistant Director on numerous French productions for television and film, Julien relocated to Los Angeles in 2005 and started to work in the camera department. Now living in New York, he is regularly hired on features, TV shows, music videos and commercials.

Julien has also drawn on his extracurricular theater training to explore the world of French voice-over and dubbing. He gained the attention of several dubbing companies and quickly started his first recording sessions. He also established his credibility as an expert translator.

Julien debuted as a leading on-
screen actor in the English-language short film, "Steam", which won in numerous film festivals.

Julien looks forward to applying his skills to new ventures in this business.



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